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Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the Mini sauna

 The sauna arrived on Saturday. We just finished setting it up. My husband says he's impressed with the quality of the workmanship. It went together snugly and looks great. First sauna session was good. I took it easy to see how it would work. Tonight will be warmer and more infrared.

Deidre D.


Hi, just to let you know that the sauna was picked up and brought home. It was assembled and installed with no problems.  I've used it for the first time this morning and it is everything I could wish for.  Excellent product:  well made and beautifully finished, and the price was right! Thanks for the good service.

Henry Giesbrecht


Intense is the word!  Wow!  I Love it!  Never new heat like this before in a sauna. I find the initial heat coming at me from every direction very soothing and relaxing, much like a warm blanket. After about 8 treatments, I'm really delighted with the results. For one, my normally dry skin, is soft and smooth.

Catherine C


Just wanted to let you know we got everything and are very happy. Sauna works fantastic and perfect for taking off the chilly edge this last month of rain has provided. Thanks…loving our sauna!

Jeremy M.