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Iyashi 2 Cedar

Adequate space for two, comfortable for one.

Featuring our Nano Carbon/Ultra Low EMF heaters positioned low on the wall to provide a greater concentration of focused Infrared Heat on your body.

This is far superior to the tall narrow heaters used in most brands and ensures a fast and heavy sweat.

Timber:  Cedar

To read about the benefits of Cedar timber, click on the Timber Details tab above.



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External Dimensions: 1235 mm (W) x 975 mm (D) x 1950 m (H)

Internal Dimensions: 1120 mm (W) x 840 mm (D) x 1820 mm (H)

Electrical Specifications

The Iyashi 2 plugs into any standard 220-240 Volt wall outlet

1950 Watts, 230 Volt, 8.47 Amps

high quality


Ultra Low EMF

Smaller Concentrated Heaters

No Cloth

Covers on the


Built for your Safety, the Iyashi 2 is packed with high quality features. To view them all click here