Frequently Asked Questions

  • Approximately how much will my sauna cost to run?

    A typical sauna session including heating time won’t exceed one hour. The following running costs are based on $0.25/kWh

                                                     Power Running         Cost (Per Hour)

    Mini 1                                            1390W                           $0.35

    Supreme 1 / IYASHI 1               1640W                          $0.41

    Supreme 2 / IYASHI 2               1750W                          $0.43

    Supreme 3 / IYASHI 4                2280W                         $0.57

    tariff from your electricity supplier:

                                                     Power Running         Cost (Per Hour)

    Evolve 15                              1750W                          $0.44

    Evolve 20                              2080W                          $0.52

    IYASHI Sauna Dome          960W                            $0.24

  • Are our saunas difficult to install?

    No. All our saunas use a keyhole fixing system where the panels simply slot together to create a solid connection. Installation takes about 30-60 minutes with two people.

    There is no special electrical wiring required. Simply connect the wires using the easy-to-follow installation steps and finally plug the sauna into a standard wall socket.

  • Can I put my sauna outside?

    Yes all of our models can be used outdoors. However some protection from the elements is recommended. The Sauna will also need to be protected by one of our canvas covers.

    Saunas placed outside without a Canvas cover are not covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

    Our Covers are produced by Coverworld Australia and come with 7 Year Warranty!

  •  I am chemically sensitive. Will the sauna cause an allergic reaction?

    This is very unlikely. But please note that an extremely small percentage of the population has a condition known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). While this is not a universally recognized disorder in the medical field, these

    people have an adverse physical reaction to low levels of many common and even natural chemicals and cannot tolerate any aromatic oils, perfumes shampoo or herbs. In this case the best choice is our Hypoallergenic Basswood Sun Stream saunas.

  • What is the difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna?

    The main difference is the way the saunas are heated. A traditional sauna uses a sauna stove which heats special stones. Water is then ladled onto the stones creating steam, which in turn heats up the sauna cabin.

    An infrared sauna uses infrared heating technology to heat the body directly. Since there is no water involved, no plumbing is required, meaning the infrared sauna cabin can be placed in any room of your house.

  •   How long does the sauna take to heat up?

    Depending on the ambient room temperature, our saunas will typically reach a good temperature within 10 minutes. Due

    to the large surface area of the carbon panel heaters the sauna will quickly increase in temperature.

  • How long would an average sauna session last?

    This greatly depends on the person, the user’s physical health and sauna usage preferences. Typically, a user will stay in the sauna for about 20-30 minutes or until the body indicates

    you should finish. Please check with your doctor for their personal recommendation on your sauna usage and session duration.

  • How often can I use the sauna?

    There is no right or wrong answer for this as every person is different. Typically, for a healthy adult it is safe to have a sauna session every day, or even more than once a day. However, if

    you have any concerns, please check with your doctor for their advice.

  •  Should I wear any clothing during my sauna session?

    If possible, take your sauna in the nude. If you can’t, then wear the absolute minimum, not more than a bathing suit, for example.

    Some people think they’ll sweat more if they enter a sauna with clothes on. This is dangerous and a mistake! When you

    cover your skin with clothes, your sweat can’t help cool you down by evaporating on your skin. You will quickly overheat and also lose the benefits of wiping away your toxin-loaded sweat. When you wipe away the toxin-filled sweat, the toxins don’t sit in contact with your skin and possibly be reabsorbed.


    What is the Truth about Infrared Sauna Wavelengths & Micron Output?

    Spectroscopy Test
    (Specular Distribution Graph)

    We see many claims from Infrared sauna companies regarding the wavelengths of Infrared heat produced by their heaters but rarely are these accompanied by tests to substantiate the claims. Contrary to many sauna advertisers' claims, no carbon or ceramic based sauna heater is able to produce a single frequency of Infrared.

    For example: Sun Stream's nano carbon panel heaters produce the desirable therapeutic 4-14 micron range of Infrared.

    See our Spectroscopy test results in the following video as Kevin Halsey unravels the micron myths & explains what really is important!

  • Far Infrared vs Near Infrared/Full Spectrum Saunas?

    Far Infrared are the appropriate wavelengths to generate heat in the human body. In physics terminology, all light when it hits an object such as human tissue is either Reflected, Absorbed or Transmitted (passes through).  Absorption is the critical property to generate heat.

    Far Infrared has a low reflection rate, low transmission rate and is highly absorbed by the water content in our skin where heat is generated and subsequently drawn into deeper levels of our muscles and joints through conduction.

    Near Infrared has a high reflection rate, high transmission rate and a very low absorption rate.

    There is vast amounts of research spanning several decades of therapeutic use of NIR (Near Infrared) with powerful lasers and LED devices. Much of the research has been conducted by NASA and the primary objective has been for healing and cellular energy production through a process called Photobiomodulation therapy PBMT (akin to photosynthesis in plants).

    Our skin has a natural defence mechanism to reflect most NIR, but with powerful laser and LED devices and with the devices in close proximity to the skin, this defence mechanism is overcome to transmit the NIR through tissue. But very little heat is generated as the NIR passes through our tissue. The NIR induces numerous biochemical responses associated with healing but generates very little heat .

    In our opinion "Near Infrared/ Full Spectrum Sauna" is a contradiction of terms.

    Saunas are intended to generate heat in our bodies, as accomplished with Far Infrared, while NIR generates very little heat.

    Furthermore,  mounting NIR devices on the walls of a sauna as some suppliers in the marketplace are doing (LEDs, quartz halogen heaters, heat lamp bulbs) and projecting the NIR into the air is very unlikely to deliver a therapeutic dose of NIR as the intensity of NIR hitting your body will be far less than that proven to be necessary in the decades of research behind this therapy.

    For customers who are interested in NIR therapy and want to combine this with their FIR sauna, we recommend acquiring a proper device that delivers the required intensity of NIR energy. .

    With an adequate intensity, NIR will be absorbed deeper into our bodies than FIR.  Near Infrared's deeper penetration does have therapeutic advantages for certain applications, but this deeper penetration also presents a hazard to the eyes.


    Eye Protection is recommended!


    Anybody can easily add a quality therapeutic Red/NIR device into the saunas.  The addition of even the smallest Joovv model would be leaps and bounds superior to the small LED panels installed in premium market brands. It is a properly designed unit with side vents and fans to ensure that the LEDs remain relatively cool during operation. Overheating of LEDs reduces the light energy output and reduces the LED lifespan.

    In short we don't believe that the so called NIR/Full Spectrum saunas on the market are providing users any benefit at all. The intensity produced from the devices is far less than that used in all of the research and the NIR will disperse greatly through the air.




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