Creating the sun's best light to make you better

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Creating the sun's best light to make you better

Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the evolve 15 sauna

I am thoroughly enjoying the Evolve. I don't think I sweat as much from even strenuous aerobics on a warm day! And far from being drained, I find myself loose, fresh, and energized afterwards. After four or five sessions, I noticed marked improvements in both deeper sleep and endurance in my workouts.

Kevin, you should be proud of your design. I believe the Evolve is efficient, effective, and worth every cent.

"Warm" regards,

Jeff E. Protection Island BC


I'm enjoying the Evolve more than I can describe in a few lines!! That front door heater cooks like a Louisiana barbecue. Once it hits 115 degrees F., (which doesn't take long at all) I start to sweat. And within 3-5 minutes it's at 120 F. and the toxins are pouring out of me. This has been the best money spent in years. And you were easiest CEO, owner, salesman I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

Thank you again.

Dennis J.  Bainbridge Island WA



I used the sauna last night. I LOVE it very much. It was so relaxing especially after many days of dealing with the construction team.

I cannot wait to use it again tonight.

M. Pedersen, Sequim WA


Hi Kevin,

I love my new Evolve 15 sauna. I have used it numerous times and truly enjoy the heat, especially since I am able to control the temp. It was very easy to assemble; my sister and I completed it in an hour and a half. The on-line instructions with the added pictures were very clear. Yesterday, I made custom terry bench covers and am looking forward to my session tonight.

K. Watson

Sault Ste. Marie ON


 …my son loves his sauna and uses it pretty much every day. He feels great and his skin has improved.

Nicky, Vancouver BC


I have been really enjoying my new sauna. I’ve been under a doctor’s care and it seems the frequent trips to my sauna have greatly helped. I'm looking forward to long range relief as time progresses.

thank you

Lionel D. Minneapolis MN


The Sauna has arrived, the assembly instructions were perfect.... Thanks

My wife and I are very impressed with the unit and looking forward to many uses going forward.

Larry F. Calgary AB


The sauna is my favourite daily retreat. I use the sauna daily following physical activity to relax muscles. The sauna is very effective and sweat occurs within 10 mins. I could not imagine having the sauna without the door mounted heater design. It targets all areas needed and the warmth is comforting.

 …really enjoy the essential oil diffuser and colour therapy for a relaxed setting. The benefits of detoxification and relaxation of muscles is very much valued.

 The craftsmanship of the unit is beautiful, making a nice addition to the bedroom where it is set up. I have recommended your brand specifically as I am very pleased with the quality and service.

Chimene P.  Jackson’s Pt ON


Hi Kevin

I use the Sauna 5-6 times a week.

I get a very good sweat and get the benefits of the panels being 100% on for the full 40 minute session.

The front panel is awesome as I experience the full 360 degree radiation.  As well the panels are at shoulder level so my head does not overheat. I have experienced that from trying out other saunas and it becomes quite uncomfortable once your head and face become overheated. Makes you want to shorten your session. I had some aches and pains in my feet i.e. Plantar Fasciitis and the heat from the floor panels have helped with that. I have a health condition that makes my muscles constantly ache and 5-6 sessions a week greatly helps with that.

I used the sauna at night, so the parasympathetic effect helps the relaxation and I tend to sleep better after a sauna, followed up with a cool shower.

Thomas T. Vancouver BC


Your saunas are gorgeous. The innovation in the Evolve actually took my breath away. The prices are excellent, especially given the quality.

I am very impressed with the Sun Stream Infrared saunas, so it is no surprise that my son's ND recommends them

Thanks for making such gorgeous and effective products

Tara M. Ottawa ON


Hi Kevin!

Yes, I have been using the sauna but of course! It's great! I'm loving it and still can't believe it's actually here! I love the colour therapy and the stereo is working great!

It seems to warm up super fast, faster than I expected compared to other saunas.

Thanks for everything!

Tannis, Victoria BC


I have owned the Evolve 15 by Sun Stream Infrared Saunas for several months now and can confidently say that this is an excellent piece of technology, promoting effective bodily detoxification and deep relaxation. The infrared 360 degree surround panels provide a consistent and balanced heat source, the Blaupunkt speakers and Bluetooth Audio receiver offer high quality sound reproduction, and the LED Colour Light Therapy deepens the sauna experience. I have no hesitation in recommending Sun Stream Infrared Saunas to friends, family and my patients.


Dr. Brian J. MacLean

Ph.D., R. Psych., BCN, BCIA-EEG