Creating the sun's best light to make you better

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Creating the sun's best light to make you better

Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the Iyashi Dome sauna

Hi Mark, we are really enjoying the sauna dome – been using it everyday and getting a great sweat going. We are really thrilled with the sauna and it has been the best solution for us, both for pain relief and detox. It’s something we both look forward to after work each day. We have noticed our skin is softer and persistent skin rashes have cleared up.

There has been a big improvement in sinus congestion and I have noticed a small weight loss, which is an added bonus. This indicates to us that our bodies are in a healthier state overall. We also really like the flexibility of just using the meta pad on its own to help ease an aching back. We really appreciate the time and trouble you took to answer all our questions – you have given us great customer service.

Peter & Cynthia, Auckland


Hello there, my sauna arrived safe and sound just over a week ago.  I’ve tried it out several times and just love it.  It is as I thought it would be.  Thank you very much for your good service and assistance.  Hope your business continues to do well.

Michelle, Melbourne


I have severe back ache and crams all the time, by using the Far Infrared Meta Pad I got immediate relief. I have arthritis too and I get shooting pain and face immobility in my hands, knees and legs. Sleeping on this Pad has given me lot of relief. Far Infrared has all the good properties of natural healing and I am truly satisfied with this therapy and would recommend this to anybody who suffers from chronic pains, cramps and aches of any kind.

Vispi, Auckland


The Sauna is great, very good for those cold nights down here.  I mostly have one before going to bed.  Even after a shower I am glowing and when I lie down I have a very relaxed warm glow and find it very easy to sleep.  I always fall asleep in it at that time of night.  I need to order a book on how to treat conditions and what to do when you have a cold or the flu etc.

I think you have some advertised on your website.  Having a sauna in my bedroom is so very convenient and it doesn’t take long to heat up.

Glynis, Invercargill