Creating the sun's best light to make you better

  • Ultra Low EMF Nano Carbon Heaters
  • Our heaters cover the ENTIRE surface area of the domes and the pad – producing 360 degrees of coverage for one of the strongest concentrations of far infrared emissions possible.
  • Constructed from Formaldehyde Free Plywood
  • PVC Cream Leather exterior for the dome.
  • The Timer can be set up to 60 min for the dome, 12 hours for the pad (the pad can be used when sleeping).
  • The Temperature can be controlled separately for the upper and lower domes.  Each dome can be set from low to high with 9 intervals for the perfect heat setting.
  • Easy to store, the lower dome slides under the upper dome to reduce in size by one half.
  • The pad is comfortable, breathable and WATERPROOF for easy cleaning.
  • 2 Year Warranty on the heaters and the electrics.


 New Zealand  0800 21 8020  |  Australia 1800 316 962

The dome sauna is packed      with all these high quality features to deliver a wonderful

experience every time

you get in!

high quality