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Excerpts from:

Muscle metabolism during exercise in the heat in unacclimatized and acclimatized humans.


"Many toxic elements appeared to be preferentially excreted through sweat."

J Appl Physiol 59, 1350-1354 (1985)

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Watch Dr. Patrick's full video on the topic of Hyperthermic Conditioning through heat acclimation.


"Acclimating yourself to heat independent of aerobic physical activity through sauna use induces adaptations that reduce the later strain of your primary aerobic activity"

Watch a super interview with Simon Whitfield, Canadian Olympic Triathlete at the London 2012 Summer Games.


Interviewed by Health Mate saunas UK, Simon discusses his preparation and training for race events which includes regular use of Infrared saunas.


Excerpts from:

Endocrine effects of repeated sauna bathing

Acta Pysiologica Scandinavica 128, 467-470.


"it shows the profound hormonal responses to repeated sauna use in humans"

Excerpts from:

Heat acclimation responses of an ultra-endurance running group preparing for hot desert-based competition.

European Journal of Sport Science 1-11 (2011)


"Heat acclimation induces adaptations that improve exercise tolerance in hot conditions."

Athletic Training / Hyperthermic Conditioning

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Excerpts from:

Effect of post-exercise sauna bathing on the endurance performance of competitive male runners.

Journal of Science and Sports Medicine in Sport MedicineAustralia


"Induced perspiration may be useful to facilitate elimination of some potentially toxic phthalate compounds"

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