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Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the Iyashi 4 sauna

We love it. A very nice product. Dont be surprised if you have to deliver more up here when our friends get to know it.



Hi Mark, Yes we have been enjoying it.  We’ve tried it three times now (about 2 hours each time).  It is very relaxing and we get a good sweat.  It came at a perfect time for the winter season.  I am glad I purchased the four person (rather than the two person) as the large size allows us to lay down. This makes it really feel like a sauna when we can lay down.

I am also happy it came with four back supports when we want to sit up.  It assembled near perfectly, I am happy no tools were required. We look forward to using this sauna every night. The colour light therapy is also a nice touch to change the mood inside. Overall I am happy with the purchase and it is money well spent.

John, Levin


Hi Mark. I’m thrilled with my sauna, works perfectly and my body definitely has less aches and pains, golf and tennis are much more enjoyable when pain free and supple. Absolutely happy with my purchase.

John, Alexandra


The sauna arrived in perfect order, and I’ve assembled it and used it twice already. I want to thank you for answering all my questions, and I’m especially glad I bought this unit with low EMF heaters, it’s very important for someone with cancer to have that assurance, apparently the standard far infrared heaters can actually accelerate cancer growth!

The packaging and presentation of this sauna is amazing, and extremely affordable.

Lucy, Rotorua


The family is all enjoying the sauna, some using it more than others. Very easy to head to the sauna when the weather was cooler to warm you through but with warmer days and nights it takes more of a commitment.

Lewis skin is showing a good improvement and new acne breakouts are becoming very infrequent.  He has eliminated many foods from his daily diet, is taking vitamin and mineral supplements plus using the sauna to clear and detox his system. We are on the path for a very good outcome so very pleased with making the sauna purchase.

Rosemary, Waikanae


It has been a wonderful experience. Over the last three years I have been struggling with re-occuring neck problems (pain, stiffness and lock-ups of the muscles), mainly during the cold winter months. The cabin has helped to ease it and made it more manageable. I use it every morning and night and it has become the perfect place for meditating.

Kristel, Wellington