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The Iyashi 2 Deluxe is packed

with all these high quality features to deliver a

wonderful experience every

time you get in!

Canadian Western Red Cedar

Our IYASHI Cedar range of Infrared Saunas are manufactured using premium Western Red Cedar imported from Canada throughout the sauna, including the internal panels and all external trim. To learn more click here.

Ours Competitors

Ultra Low EMF & Zero         VOC Tested

Relax and enjoy your IYASHI sauna knowing that our Nano-Carbon panel heaters are one of the lowest in the industry.  We have average readings on the heater surface of less than 1mG as measured with numerous different styles of meters and have tested 0.0 ppm VOC. To learn more click here.

Smaller Concentrated Heaters = More Infrared Heat on your Body

Our heaters are positioned lower on the walls aiming more radiant heat onto your body verses competitors' larger surface area, cooler carbon panels which produce a less intense radiant heat and wastes infrared heat above your head.  Sometimes less is more!

To learn more click here.

No Cloth Covers on the Heaters

Most competing Infrared Sauna brands are adhering synthetic cloth covers to their carbon panel heaters. Our 'Nano-Carbon" heaters do not use cloth covers.

  • Introduce potentially off-gassing glues and fabrics into the sauna.
  • Reduce Infrared heat output
  • Inhibit cleaning sweat off the heater surface (especially problematic for floor heaters)

Superior Design Heater Guards

Many sauna brands are installing excessive wooden slats in front of the carbon heater panels. These slats block and reduce the amount of infrared heat projected at your body.

Our wooden heater guards are constructed with strong, thick wooden slats, widely spaced to maximize the infrared output for your sauna experience.

External & Internal LCD Control Panel with Adjustable Infrared Intensity

This unique feature allows the user to adjust the Infrared Heat Intensity for different purposes and personal needs.

  • 100% Full sauna sweating experience
  • 75% Hot yoga, Athletic stretching, Injury treatment.
  • 50% Elderly & health challenged individuals

Water Based Exterior    Lacquer & Glue

The low sheen healthy water based lacquer protects the exterior wood of your sauna while retaining a beautiful natural appearance.

The glue used in the Iyashi saunas is      a Polyvinyl Acetate Dispersion being water based, environmentally friendly and fully tested by SGS Testing Services. A full test report is available on request.


With our invisible fastening system, installation is quick, easy and requires no plumbing and no special electrical requirements. All you need is the space and a standard wall socket.


Click below to view the assembly manual.


Blaupunkt Speakers &    Sound Equipment

All IYASHI models come fitted with a Blaupunkt CD player and two premium 2 way speakers to truly enhance your sauna experience. It features programmable bass, treble, MP3/WMA, Aux Output. The AM/FM tuner can be preset tor you can simply connect your iPod, iPhone or MP3 device.

Cup Holder,          Aromatherapy Unit

Hint: Place a couple of drops of essential eucalyptus oil into the aromatherapy dish to aid in clearing the head while sweating out a cold or flu.

Colour Light Therapy

Our IYASHI sauna series features a six colour lighting system using 2 LED lights.

Removable Floor Heater Guard

Easy access means you can clean the sweat off our wipeable heaters to maintain hygiene.


2 x Red Cedar Portable      Back Rests

The movable back rest can be repositioned to give extra comfort when relaxing in the sauna.