Traditionally, Saunas have been built

from Cedar. Our IYASHI Cedar range

of Infrared Saunas are manufactured

using premium Western Red Cedar

imported from Canada throughout the

sauna, including the internal panels and

all external trim. For decades it has been

the number one choice for those manufacturing and buying

Saunas for the following reasons:



It is a wood of exceptional beauty with natural colours ranging from a light honey, mellow ambers, reddish cinnamons to rich sienna browns.



Cedar is a durable, lightweight and stable wood that lies flat and stays straight, it resists cracking better than that of denser wood. Western Red Cedar will not bend or sag over time, and therefore will retain its original shape longer than that of other woods. Its exceptional thermal insulating properties resist checks and splits caused by the heating up and cooling down in the sauna.



Cedar is also resistant to bacteria, mold and fungas. It contains


Our IYASHI BC Hemlock saunas are

basically a more affordable option.

Compared to Cedar or Basswood,

Canadian Hemlock is a softer timber.

However, a Hemlock Sauna will

perform just as well as a Cedar or

Basswood Sauna. It comes with all the

same bells and whistles, and it will also last for many years if

cared for properly.


While it does lack some of the beauty, finer qualities and longevity that you would find in a Cedar or Basswood Sauna, it is still a popular choice when purchasing a sauna. It is similar to furniture made with native New Zealand Rimu vs. Pine. Both timbers are used successfully in furniture manufacturing. However, Rimu is a harder and more beautiful timber and has longevity compared to Pine.



Canadian, BC Hemlock wood, also called Hemlock Spruce, is an

exceptional lumber from the coniferous trees. As the most plentiful tree species on the coast of British Columbia, Hemlock is used in doors, windows, staircases,cabinets, mouldings, spindles and panelling. Hemlock wood is known for its even density & stability with little tendency to cup, check or twist. This combination of stability and smoothness has also made Hemlock a favourite wood for the construction of saunas.



Hemlock is excellent for people who have wood allergies – it has no aroma and no resin.



Heartwood is light reddish brown. Sapwood may be slightly lighter in colour but usually isn’t distinguished from the heartwood. The conspicuous growth rings can exhibit interesting grain patterns on flat sawn surfaces. Grain is generally straight, but may be interlocked or spiralled.

extractives that are anti-fungi and prevent decay. The two principal extractives that are responsible for the decay resistance are Thujaplicans and water soluble phenolics. This unique quality is important in the sauna where moisture and heat combine to create an ideal environment for molds and bacterial growth.



An important consideration in choosing a sauna is understanding how easily its interior surface can be kept clean. Cedar wood can easily be maintained by using a gentle detergent and water to remove any marks, while more stubborn stains can be removed by sanding the internal surface, bringing it back to its original natural beauty and sweet aromas.



Cedar is known for its distinct spicy aromatic fragrances. When the wood is heated a subtle cedar fragrance will fill the air to create that true sauna experience. The aromas gently soothe the senses while not overpowering them to enhance your sauna therapy. It is also important that a sauna be built from a wood that will stay cool to the touch allowing you to enjoy your sauna in comfort.


The end result is a sauna that will remain beautiful and strong for years to come!

Most of our IYASHI wooden saunas are available in Cedar and Hemlock to suit every customer’s need, except for the Deluxe model, which is only available in Cedar.                        Here is some information on each timber to help you make your choice.

Timber Options

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