Creating the sun's best light to make you better

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Creating the sun's best light to make you better

Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the Iyashi 2 sauna

Hi Mark


I love love love the sauna.  We have been using it for a few days now.  It is so wonderfully hot (much hotter than the Sunlighten sauna my friend has). It heats up really fast.  It's well made and looks great too. Our daughter who has tried the Sunlighten Sauna also commented on how much better this sauna is.  She said it took her quite a while to start sweating in the Sunlighten but has a much faster better sweat in the Iyashi.  We also like having the little glass holder in the sauna.  I put a few drops of essential peppermint oil in it which is good for my husband's chest and lungs.  I had a later sauna yesterday and slept really soundly last night. I wish everyone could have this sauna in their home. We definitely made the right choice in buying this sauna. Thank you for being so patient and for all your help.


Kathy Peakman


 We bought our Infrared Sauna 4months ago. It is the best investment we have made. My husband and I both suffer from back problems. For me the relief I get from back pain is immense. It is a wonderful way to relax and unwind after a hectic day. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who would like relief from aches and pains.

Susan, Kaiapoi


The family is all enjoying the sauna, some using it more than others. Very easy to head to the sauna when the weather was cooler to warm you through but with warmer days and nights it takes more of a commitment.

Lewis skin is showing a good improvement and new acne breakouts are becoming very infrequent.  He has eliminated many foods from his daily diet, is taking vitamin and mineral supplements plus using the sauna to clear and detox his system. We are on the path for a very good outcome so very pleased with making the sauna purchase.

Rosemary, Waikanae


It has been a wonderful experience. Over the last three years I have been struggling with re-occuring neck problems (pain, stiffness and lock-ups of the muscles), mainly during the cold winter months. The cabin has helped to ease it and made it more manageable. I use it every morning and night and it has become the perfect place for meditating.

Kristel, Wellington


Loving my sauna using it three times a week and more sometimes. I have found that after a bike ride it helps my muscles to relax and also found that I don’t get a stiff neck so don’t need to go for massages nearly as often as I use to. It’s so relaxing and I love getting warm to the bone it’s like being in a hot climate for an hour- totally sold on it, it’s one of the best investments I have made as it makes me feel more energised, or it relaxes me depending on what my body needs. Thanks to my friends talking me into it.

Kim, Christchurch


Having used the sauna for a couple of months now I find that the best time for me to use it is in the morning as it definitely warms you right through and not just in a superficial way, I stay warm for the rest of the day.  That is good if you live in the south of the South Island!  I can genuinely say that I feel much more energized and can accomplish a lot more in a day if I have had a sauna in the morning.  Regular use is the key.

Pip, Dunedin


Approximately three years ago I tried to use a Physiotherm Infrared Sauna with ceramic heaters owned by my daughter but I couldn’t stand the heat so I gave up on saunas until I was told about the IYASHI Infrared Sauna. I decided to try this sauna and what a difference – the heat is very easy to tolerate and I come out feeling a lot better than before I went in.

My itchy skin disappeared after only a couple of sessions and it works wonders on the appearance of my facial skin making it become clearer and less wrinkly (for me that is a bonus as I am a grandma), so look forward to the many benefits I may gain from continued use of the Sauna. It really looks and smells great and people who come to our home make positive comments when they see it.

Jeanette, Christchurch


For many years I have owned a Ceramic Infrared sauna, but unfortunately I lost my home & sauna in the 2010 Christchurch earthquake. Having now finally settled in a new home, the time came to buy a new Sauna. I was unsure that a sauna half the price of my original one would do the job. Once it was assembled, I was impressed with the quality and after using it that night I found the IYASHI sauna to have a more even and less intense heat than my Ceramic Sauna. I would recommend these saunas to anyone.

Andrew, Christchurch